The goals of the AU College Democrats are as follows:

  1. To help elect strong, effective, and experienced Democrats who will represent the nation and prioritize the needs of the people rather than the party

  2. To push Democratic values and ideals to the members of our organization

  3. To shape the future of the Democratic Party

  4. To advocate on behalf of those who may not have the ability, experience, or resources to do so

  5. To provide American University students with crucial resources and opportunities to get involved with the Democratic Party and the political realm

  6. To push for more inclusion, discussion, representation, and progress within the Democratic Party

  7. To stand up to and hold accountable a dangerous administration, and fight for the silenced


During 2018 campaign cycle, AU Dems contributed the following:

  • Knocked on 11,000 doors

  • Made 15,000 phone calls

  • Sent 5,000 texts

  • Flipped the districts red to blue for all four congressional candidates we knocked doors for

Throughout the 2018-19 academic year, AU Dems has collaborated with 12 other student organizations to plan and promote events that push progressive values and ideals. (and we're always interested in doing more!)

Notable AU Dems Speakers: Martin O’Malley, Senator Elizabeth Warren, Congressman Don McEachin, Senator John Tester, Congresswoman Susan Wild, Dr. Allan Lichtman, top strategist Anne Caprara, and Delegates Kaye Kory, David de la Fuente, Jennifer Carroll Foy, and Karrie Delaney.


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