Meet the 2017 Executive Team

President - Emily Hamm A campaigns junkie at heart, Emily has been advocating for progressive values since she joined her first campaign during her freshman year of high school. Throughout high school and college, she's worked to protect Democratic policies on and off campus, traveling as far as New Hampshire to work for candidates she believed in. This year, Emily hopes to encourage the next generation of Democratic leaders to run for office and to motivate others to make their voices heard through policy advocacy.  Hometown: Sacramento, CA Major: CLEG Favorite President: Barack Obama

President - Emily Hamm

Emily, a campaign junkie at heart, got her start in Democratic politics volunteering on campaigns in high school, and continued her work advocating progressive policies here at school. She's most passionate about civil rights, women's health, and affordable housing. As president, Emily hopes to collaborate with more organizations on and off campus, and bring speakers and workshops that directly benefit students. Not a fan of free time, Emily is also involved with AUSG, RHA, and is a member of Sigma Kappa. (she, her, hers)

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Major: CLEG

Favorite President: Barack Obama

Vice President - Yazan Hanouneh Yazan's bio Hometown: Danville, CA Major: Political Science Favorite President: Lyndon B. Johnson

Vice President - Yazan Hanouneh

Being a "coastal elite" Democrat, Yazan pushes for a strong economic and environmental agenda that hopes to better the United States and its citizens. As the Vice President, Yazan is in charge of programming and event planning, where he looks to further the Democratic platform and accomplish his goal of ensuring a better tomorrow for future generations. Outside of politics, Yazan likes to play video games, hammock, and adventure in the depths of nature. Yazan is also involved with KPU and is pledging Pi Kappa Phi. (he, him, his)

Hometown: Danville, CA

Major: Political Science

Favorite President: Lyndon B. Johnson


Secretary - Shadi Nasab

After falling in love with Speech and Debate throughout high school, Shadi knew she was forever impacted by domestic and global politics. Upon working for a congressional campaign while in high school, she knew she wanted to advocate for progressive values on a larger scale. Shadi hopes that everyone will stand up for what they believe in and become more politically active so we can work together to make the changes we wish to see. Outside of AU Dems, Shadi interns at Voice of America, is a member of Delta Gamma, AU Honors, and AU Ambassadors. (she, her, hers)

Hometown: Denver, CO

Major: International Studies and CLEG (Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, Government)

Favorite President: Barack Obama


Treasurer - Harrison Solenday

Harrison, a swing state native, has worked to spread liberal ideals throughout his community. From a young age he has volunteered for local campaigns. He fervently campaigns for LGBTQ+ rights, environmental protections, and women’s rights. As treasurer, Harrison maintains funding accounts for AU Dems. Outside of Dems, Harrison is a member of Rotaract, enjoys musicals, watching documentaries, and going to museums. (he, him, his)

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Major: Political Science

Favorite President: Barack Obama


Communications Director - Sarah Trindell

Sarah knew she wanted to be involved in politics ever since her fourth-grade field trip to DC inspired her goal of becoming the first female president. Although she no longer considers this a primary career goal, she still hopes to stay involved in politics and hold public office someday. Sarah is a first-year student with a passion for intersectional feminism, LGBT+ rights, and immigration reform. Outside of Dems, Sarah is a member of the Roosevelt Institute and enjoys pursuing various artistic endeavors. (she, her, hers)

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA

Major: International Studies

Favorite President: Barack Obama


Chief of Staff - Anthony Kuykendall

Anthony is a southern California native coming from the land of superior tacos and beaches. He got his first taste of the political sphere interning for a State Senator his senior year of high school and ever since has been a junkie for Democratic politics. He feels especially passionate about the systematic discrimination of people of color in the criminal justice system, sexual assault victim advocacy, and education policy. As Chief of Staff, Anthony oversees scheduling and event planning, as well as a variety of miscellaneous tasks the club needs to perform. When not serving as Chief of Staff, Anthony can be found napping, watching Bob Ross, or getting yelled at as a pledge in Zeta Psi. (he, him, his)

Hometown: Santa Ana, CA

Major: CLEG (Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, Government)

Favorite President: Franklin D. Roosevelt