Meet the Fall 2018 Executive Team


President - Angela Chen (she, her, hers)

There's so many things I love about California, but my favorite has to be just how blue it is. I'm a child of immigrants that grew up on Democratic Party ideals, and moving to the nation's capital where it all goes down, has me more fired up and ready to go than ever before. Outside of AU Dems, I'm a senator in the AU Undergraduate Senate, I like to go hiking, and can usually be found at all hours of the day in The Bridge. 

Hometown: San Franciso, CA

Favorite President: Lyndon B Johnson

Favorite 2018 Candidate: Gavin Newsom (CA)


Executive Vice President - Alex Russo (he, him, his)

Coming from the great state of Delaware, Alex is a first generation college student fighting to give every American the same opportunities he's been blessed with. As a proud Delawarean, he is of course a Joe Biden super fan, and thus the de facto Biden expert on campus. He got his start in politics in 2016, interning with the Delaware Democrats. He currently interns with the DLCC and worked for Let America Vote, (future President) Jason Kander's organization, in 2017. When not doing politics, Alex can be found holding a Diet Coke, predicting the weather, and trying (but failing) to explain what CLEG is. 

Hometown: Wilmington, DE 

Favorite President: Bill Clinton

Favorite 2018 Candidate: Elizabeth Warren (MA)


Chief of Staff - Sam Billings (he, him, his)

At his high school in North Carolina, Sam was the secretary of his student government, and worked to create events and to make sure all student were included. Sam came to DC as a strong believer in progressive change and hopes to see more inclusion and opportunity nationwide. As a proud North Carolinian (Go Tar Heels!), Sam is a big fan of Governor Roy Cooper and hopes to help turn NC blue on the 2020 electoral map. Sam is an SIS major and cares greatly about America's role on the world stage, as well as the environment and climate change. He is also an avid biker and once rode his bike across the United States. Outside of AU Dems, you can find Sam trying to get work done while listening to music and podcasts in the SIS building, or outside if the weather is nice! 

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Favorite President: Jimmy Carter

Favorite 2018 Candidate: Kirsten Gillibrand (NY)



Treasurer - McGlynn Cauchon (he, him, his)

McGlynn is a Senior Political Science Major, originally hailing from the great (swing) state of Ohio. McGlynn has always been interested in politics, starting from when he was his second grade classes' most tireless advocate for John Kerry, and continuing today, when you can find him spending his free time volunteering for a number of campaigns.

Outside of AU Dems, he also is in the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity, serves on the Roosevelt Institute's E-Board, and is in the Residence Hall Association.

Hometown: Granville, OH

Favorite President:  James K. Polk…Because I’m related to him!

Favorite 2018 Candidate: Zack Space (OH Auditor)


Director of Communications - Olan Trosky (she, her, hers)

After watching Journey’s with George in AP Gov, Olan was fascinated by the energy and momentum of grassroots campaigns and quickly got involved with a local congressional campaign. Olan interned on multiple campaigns including Laura Moser's Congressional bid and Cynthia Nixon's Gubernatorial bid. Olan currently interns with the DLCC in their Data Department. Beyond AU Dems, Olan serves as the Fundraising Chair for Phi Alpha Delta, AU’s Pre-Law Fraternity, is an aspiring Patagonia brand ambassador, and ardent supporter of New York-style pizza.  

Hometown: Bedminster, NJ

Favorite President: John F. Kennedy 

Favorite 2018 Candidate: Stacey Abrams (GA)

Vice President - Yazan Hanouneh   Yazan's bio   Hometown:  Danville, CA   Major:  Political Science   Favorite President:  Lyndon B. Johnson

Director of Diversity and Inclusion - Alyssa Bailey (she, her, hers)

Alyssa is a litty second year student from Portland, Oregon majoring in International Studies and Spanish Translation. When President Barack Obama launched his first presidential campaign, she developed a secret love for politics that she never truly knew how to explore due the apolitical nature of her high school. Thankfully, AU is the perfect place for her to do so. Alyssa was motivated step into the political sphere by President Barack Obama and political commentator, attorney, and strategist Angela Rye. They both taught her that people of color can change the tides of politics without conforming to what the political world considers to be proper. Alyssa is most passionate about immigration and creating a Party that is representative of all by elevating the voices of those who have been silenced, rather than speaking for them. Aside from AU Dems, Alyssa is a University College Peer Leader and an avid sleeper.

Hometown: Portland, OR

Favorite President: Barack Obama

Favorite 2018 Candidate: Jo Ann Hardesty (Portland City Council)

headshot cropped square.png

Director of Activism - Julie Applestein (she, her, hers)

Julie is energetic, passionate, and ready to get Democrats elected! She has always had strong progressive values and supports policies that promote equal opportunity for all Americans. Being from New Hampshire, she has been surrounded by politics her whole life. When she was in third grade she held signs outside her elementary school for Barack Obama and even attended one of his rallies. Fast forward to the 2016 Election, Julie knocked doors and made thousands of phone calls for Hillary in the primaries and the general. When Julie wasn’t working in the field, you could find her attending one of Hillary’s rallies (she went to seven). Now Julie is studying CLEG here at AU, and plans to graduate in December of 2020. If she’s not on the third floor of the library, you can probably find her walking around campus, leading a tour as an AU Ambassador. Julie is always down to grab coffee, considering she drinks about three cups each day.

Hometown: Salem, NH

Favorite President: Woodrow Wilson

Favorite 2018 Candidate: Naomi Andrews (NH-1)


Social Chair - Noor Hannosh (she her, hers)

Noor found her love for politics in her high school civics class and has been learning and getting involved with them since then. After being a very active AU Dems member in the fall she decided that she wanted to do even more for the club and landed herself an E-Board position. Noor believes in the power that young people have in politics, especially at an organization such as the college democrats and is always excited to work on progress with other young people. She loves to talk about healthcare, women's rights, and immigration policy. When she is not talking politics or working on things related to politics she loves running, sipping on overpriced lattes, and listening to all kinds of music. 

Office Hours: Tuesdays 11 am - 12 pm in The Bridge

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Favorite President: Barack Obama

Favorite 2018 Candidate: Stacey Abrams (GA)