Running Blue in a Swing State w/ Tom Perriello

Join the AU College Democrats and the AU School of Public Affairs' Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies (CCPS) for Running Blue in a Swing State w/ Virginia Democratic candidate for Governor Tom Perriello. The discussion will be moderated by the Director of CCPS, Professor Candy Nelson. Join us on Wednesday, April 19th at 4PM in Ward 2.

This discussion will be centered around what it means to be a Democratic candidate in a swing state during the Trump era. With Virginia often switching parties in the governor's mansion following every term, this year's election to replace current Democratic Governor Terry McAullife is sure to be a nail-bitter. But with Donald Trump in the White House, will Democrats finally be able to buck the trend and maintain gubernatorial control over Virginia? Tom Perriello will discuss this and more about what the experience is like running for office and the reasons behind his decision to do. Students will have an opportunity hear directly from Mr. Perriello and ask questions about his experience.

Learn more about Tom Perriello and his vision for Virginia here:

Born and raised in Charlottesville, Tom Perriello has a track record of results fighting corruption, expanding economic fairness, and promoting reconciliation in conflict zones and communities back home. He has been a teacher, a non-profit executive, a Congressman, and a diplomat. Tom is the youngest of four children of Linda and Vito Perriello. His parents and his parish taught him the ethic of service and the value of a purpose-driven life. 

Tom began his career working on environmental issues, and later helped to create and lead faith-based organizations working to reduce poverty, advance racial reconciliation, and address climate change.